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Susan Elliott
Albury, NSW

Susan is a multi-skilled artist with a background in fine art, illustration and printmaking. After completing two years of a psychology degree, sue changed to a career in art. She graduated from The City Art Institute in 1986, majoring in drawing, printmaking and painting.

After two years living abroad, sue returned to Australia and exhibited her graphic art and screenprints extensively around Sydney while also working in a number of small design studios. She has developed into an award-winning graphic designer with over 16 years of experience in the industry.

Sue joined McGill Design Group in 1999 as co-owner and creative director. Her influence has changed the direction of the company by creating a more versatile and design-focused agency. She has been responsible for the design of a number of successful publications, wine labels and product packaging. Sue has also designed and developed corporate identities and logos for Australian and international clients.

Strangely, Sue has never played Aussie Rules at any level. After knocking out her best friend’s front teeth while playing in the Tolland Galahs at an inter-school junior hockey tournament, local sporting authorities steered her enthusiasm into soft-contact sports where she became local light-weight boxing champion. Sue now has a black belt in six different forms of martial arts but still craves to play Aussie Rules at an elite level.

Favourite Food: Noodles
Favourite Pastime: Watching movies with Stella
Naughtiest Deed: Teasing huskies
Known Accomplices: Craig, Tok, Tarka and Stella
Obsessions: Bath salts and the Ted Mulry Gang
Pet Hate: Whistling

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