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Craig McGill
Shepparton, VIC

Originally from Shepparton, Victoria, Craig is a self-taught designer and illustrator who started his own design business in Melbourne at 18 years of age. During that time he was appointed as a design consultant to The Reserve Bank of Australia.

His designs and illustrations have graced banknotes throughout the world, including the Australian bicentenary ten-dollar note. His work appears on the original Australian $100 note, Papua New Guinea Kina, Cook Island Dollars and English Pound traveller’s cheques. Craig was also involved in the design and illustration of many countries’ security documents such as Passports, Bonds and Traveller’s Cheques.

At the age of 23 he designed all of the Cook Island banknotes and it is believed that he was the world’s youngest designer to design a country’s complete currency. In 1991, Craig moved to Sydney where his illustrations were regularly commissioned by agencies and designers both in Australia and around the world.

He is now widely known as Australia’s only freelance currency designer. More recently Craig has designed and illustrated five stamps for Australia Post.

Craig has been Creative Director of his own agency, McGill Design Group, for over twenty-three years. The agency has a diverse, professional body of work that combines Craig’s traditional, fine art style with more ‘modern’ methods of design.

His Aussie Rules career consists of a solitary training session with the Coolaroo Rovers under 11’s, where he got caught feeding the entire contents of what would have been ‘pie night’ to his pet beagle, Dino. Craig was asked never to return to training. However, Dino went on to become leading goal-kicker that season.

Date of Birth: Dead in dog years
Favourite Food: Roast duck and pinot noir
Favourite Pastimes: Ventriloquism and dancing with Huskies
Naughtiest Deed: Chasing huskies while stark naked
Known Accomplices: Sue, Tok, Tarka and Stella
Obsessions: Beer, wine, life and tennis players of the 1970s
Pet Hates: Insincerity, stupidity and fools

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