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James Boddington has over 18 years experience as a professional photographer. He is recognised as one of Australia’s leading portrait and reportage photographers. James continues to freelance for an ever-increasing diversity of editorial, corporate and advertising clients. His work can also be seen in the best-selling book Wine Dogs, which showcases his natural, highly creative and unique compositions. James enthusiastically travelled around Australia photographing for Footy Dogs despite being constantly mauled and chewed, even by the dogs.

James was a veteran of 15 games for St. Kilda City Football Club between 1998 and 2000 and despite being the oldest player at the club still managed to kick at career tally of 1 point in three years at the club. Born with two left feet, James found it almost impossible to run in a straight line. Starved of opportunities, James was sent into early retirement as the ball rarely ever entered his part of the playing field.
(Maisy Boddington pictured).



Alister Clarke is considered one of Australia’s leading advertising photographers. Coming from a fine arts background, Alister has over 20 years photographic experience working across five continents. His technical precision, eye for detail, sense of colour and unique humour have been in demand from creatives worldwide.

Alister photographed the Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans, Port Adelaide and Adelaide Football Club for Footy Dogs. When on the road for Footy Dogs, he would rarely bite any players and enthusiastically travelled in the front seat with his head hanging out the window only pausing to snarl at the occasional speed camera.

Alister played Aussie Rules for Brighton Grammar School during the early 1970s. Fast, sleek and cunning like a coyote, Alister actually played for both teams at the same time each week. It was two years later that he was accidentally discovered one Saturday morning as he was recorded as best on ground for both teams. It was at this time even the school principal took notice and promptly suspended him. After a record 143 school suspensions, Alister finally got the hint and left brighton grammar forever. Sadly, he never played football again.

All images © Alister Clarke 2005
(Astro Clarke pictured)




Front cover of Zac photographed
by Craig Borrow
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